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Outdoor Cinema Company Plans Biggest Summer Yet

The British summer can be an unpredictable time for the weather, but despite this people can’t wait to get outdoors to make the most of it. Whether it is sporting events like the Ashes and Wimbledon, music festivals or simply barbecues, as a nation we are happy to risk the rain in the hope of sunshine.

Outdoor cinema is a growing feature of the season and Adventure Cinema is planning its biggest summer yet, with over 250 shows planned. This will mean distribution companies across the UK will be needed to help move all the screens and other equipment, plus food, drink and facilities for film fans going to the events.

The venues in the itinerary will be spread far and wide. They range from locations in the far south west like Torquay Recreation Ground and Arlington Court in Barnstaple to Dumfries House in Ayrshire, from Dunstan Hall in Norwich to Sophia Gardens Cricket Ground in Cardiff.

While some venues will have a lot of in-house facilities such as sports venues, other shows will be in public parks or the grounds of stately homes and castles, which means extra facilities will be needed like more portable toilets.

Although seating will be provided by the public themselves, who are advised to bring their own picnics and deckchairs, that still leaves all manner of items needed, with the screens themselves being the most important. After all, if anything were to go wrong with one of them, the whole evening would be ruined.

Outdoor cinema companies will not be the only organisations involved in setting up large events this summer, with bodies like the National Trust gearing up to stage a large number of outdoor shows on their many estates. Its properties include some of Adventure Cinema’s summer 2023 venues, such as Lyme Hall in Cheshire.

Other well-known places gearing up to stage outdoor shows include Regent’s Park in London, with a season of open-air theatre planned with a temporary stage and seating in place.

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