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Cities Set To Stage Eurovision Big Screen Events

There are many regular events that need all kind of logistics support to move people, equipment, food and much more to the right places at the right times. But the expertise needed to do this efficiently increases significantly if the events are not annual undertakings.

Whereas the summer music festivals will be organised at familiar times and locations and many of those involved in setting them up will have done it before, it is a bigger challenge for express distribution services when they have to do something new.

This is going to be the case next month when a series of live screenings of the Eurovision Song Contest final take place. While the main event is taking place in Liverpool on May 13th, the same evening will see at least nine other towns and cities staging the screenings, along with various other festivities.

The towns and cities in question are Birmingham, Brighton, Cardiff, Darlington, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield. However, more are expected to be named in the weeks ahead. Notably, of the seven cities originally shortlisted as possible hosts, Glasgow is the only one not to be named as a screening venue, at least yet.

BBC Managing Director of Eurovision Song Contest Martin Green said “We’re thrilled to roll out Eurovision to more UK cities,” noting that as so many are fans of the event it will be a special treat to “experience the joy of watching the Grand Final surrounded by thousands of others right there in their local city.”

The work of getting everything in place and delivered on time will be significant to ensure the stages are in place. Some of these locations will be better equipped and used to major events than others - Birmingham hosted the Commonwealth Games last year, for instance.

But in all cases, great organisation and effective logistics will be needed to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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