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How To Safely Load And Unload Palettes

Pallets can hold a lot of different products and are a safe and effective method of transportation if stacked correctly. When handling heavy goods it is important to practise safety to ensure you do not get hurt or damage the products.

When stacking a palette, it is important to ensure it isn’t broken or damaged in any way. Even the smallest crack or break can be disastrous when weight is added therefore checking over the palette before using it is vital in ensuring no injuries or further damage are caused.

Make sure it is stable and secure before you begin loading. This will prevent uneven loads and also make sure that nothing falls or topples over while you are trying to stack it.

When moving the palettes, whether they have been loaded or not, it is important that you use the right equipment. Palettes can be heavy and difficult to move, so using a forklift in order to transport it around the warehouse or on and off trucks is important in ensuring you do not drop it or hurt yourself.

Once you have stacked the palette, it is vital that you secure it. Whether this is by wrapping or using straps. This keeps the load securely on the palette, prevents movement and tilting and also stops any of the products from falling off during transit.

If even one palette isn’t secured properly, it can fall and cause damage to many others during transport which can lead to expensive damage, as well as posing a potential hazard for the person unloading the palettes.

You should also ensure that you stick within the safe weight limit. This helps to ensure that the palettes are not put under undue stress and can be easily and safely transported by the necessary equipment without causing any damage.

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