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How Your Glasto Food Operations Can Run Smoothly

The Glastonbury Festival is the most famous of all Britain’s summer music festivals, returning year after year to Worthy Farm with a star-studded line-up of top performers who will play in front of crowds of thousands.

It will be no different in 2023 as the likes of the Arctic Monkeys, Sir Elton John, Lana del Rey, Guns n’ Roses, Lewis Capaldi, Maneskin and the Manic Street Preachers are in the line-up.

While the performers will arrive, play and then leave, thousands of music fans will be gathered in tents for days on end. That means there is a major logistical operation involved in providing them with food, car parking, toilet facilities and much more, in between the inevitable mud baths if it rains.

Feeding all these people is no easy task. Without THEIR OWN refrigeration, there will be limited supplies at best coming with the festival-goers, so they will be relying on food outlets and markets around the site. And while Worthy Farm does make its own cheddar, it’s fair to say the masses won’t be getting it all by queuing at the farm shop.

This is where express distribution services can be so important. True, some food may be of the cooked-from-frozen variety in burger vans and the like, but your firm may be one of those providing ambient and fresh food, especially for those who are vegetarians and vegans.

In this case, swift, reliable, on-the-day delivery will be essential to help keep outlets offering such food well stocked with fresh produce.

Given how essential it is that you get these supplies, now is the time to make sure you have a reliable and trusted delivery firm to bring the produce to you at the site just when you need it. If this is your first year at Glastonbury as a catering provider or food market retailer, you will soon see for yourself how important this is. You don’t want to run short when hungry folk are queuing!

While Glastonbury is the most famous spring and summer music festival in the country, it is far from the only notable one, even in the south west of England.

For example, in April there’s the Magic Teapot Gathering in Somerset, while May brings the 50th Chippenham Folk Festival, Love Saves the Day on the outskirts of Bristol and the Bradford-on-Avon Green Man Festival, and June features Test Fest at Taunton Rugby Club as well as Wychwood at Cheltenham.

In addition, July features Nass at the Bath & West Showground, Somerstock in Somerton and Funk up the Farm in Kentisbury, north Devon, while August brings Boardmasters in Cornwall, Soul Circus in the Cotswolds and the Outfield Festival at Midsomer Norton.

These vary greatly in size, format and location, from rural and coastal spots to the outskirts of a major city. But for festival goers, the need to eat remains the same and, therefore, so will your need to get a fresh delivery if you are involved in the catering.

It could be a great summer for festival-goers in the West Country. With lots of fresh and reliable food deliveries, we can help you make it even better.

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